The Company

Sandre Verniciatura srl is a consolidated Company established more than 40years ago.( with an experience of more than 40years).

The company started to use the ‘just in time’ procedure due to a strong innovative inner meaning (essence) and a strong value inclined to the customer.

The guarantee the reliability the huge offer of products the high quality standard of services and the capability to supply unique solutions, are the most important values that enliven the activity since the beginning.

Sandre varnishing was born as a play to the market , play that was moved by the founder Mr. Maurizio Sandre. The main focus is to supply finishing and lacquering services of the surfaces.
The consultancy to satisfy the various requests for elements for any kind of furniture; living area, kitchen area, night area and bath furniture, as well as architectural surface and any urban decoration.

The industrial team who is in charge of the efficiency is a well consolidate experienced team and has accomplished new and innovative procedures manteining an ideal combination of standard and unique production processes, which are distinctive for their innovation and meticulous craftmanship. The technical features of the product achieved are a competitive advantage for the customers.

The working program elaborated and studied by Sandre varnishing is applied on several surfaces; wood veneer, steel, plastic, fiberglass and carbon. To obtain these targets we have studied new working processes, using machinery with high energetic and production efficiency, and eco-friendly products which help us to pay a specific attention to the environment.

We are well in agreement with the actual set which is continuosly evolving and is distinguish by an increasing application of sustainable and alternative materials.

Sandre varnishing offers also a service of informations and updated dedicated to the customers and to the professionals who support them as far as architects and technicians.

Our range of products

  • panels
  • surfaces and doors
  • trim and components
  • doors and frames
  • bookcase
  • architectural kit
  • elements for furniture for any style and location
  • home-office unit
  • home-theatre (self standing or integrated)

Elements for any furnishings proposal, for living area, kitchen area, night area, bath furniture and wellness area.

Our flexibility, as well as our versatility acts as nothing is refuse to be done. As we face any kind of request even more unique we discuss we compare until we do find the solution to propose to our customers. We work on ‘made to order’ for special projects and we can satisfy any custom-made request.

We have an unlimited colour range, lacquered and personalized finishings either on tonality than on shapes, standard and custom-made. Plain colour, mat or high gloss finish available on

  • laminated
  • wood veneer
  • pvc
  • profile, trim
  • door, frames
  • various elements with a result
  • smooth
  • embossed
  • decorative

Our capability as a team to satisfy any request for domestic and international projects makes us an ideal and reliable partner who can satisfy any request who can give answers, propose and listen to the most various requests. All this is supported from our post- sales service.

As today Sandre varnishing is based in three different production sites; Porcia, Roveredo in Piano and Pasiano di Pordenone in a surface of c/a 5000 mq. where are working 55 employees.

foto della Sandre Maurizio s.r.l. azienda di verniciatura e laccatura

Sandre Verniciatura is a successful company in the procurement of the just in time for the lacquering of doors and panels addressed to the high level quality furniture, home furnishing and contract.

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