Production cycle

Our production is scheduled as following : we recive the goods in our warehouse,where we effectuate the first check of each single piece with a dedicate worker, the check is for the complete compositions.

The material stocked on the warehouse usually is already sanded, then we do effectuate a second sand of the surfaces and of the edges. Then we have the hand –spray varnish phase, made in the pressurized booth, with a water cascade or in a merry-go-round installation when the quantities are more important. If the finishing is a mat lacquered, after the wither (moment of the drying of the varnish ) at this moment we do effectuate the last check of each piece and we do check that the standard of the quality is our standard, after this check we do proceed with the packaging and the delivery.

When the finishing is high gloss , after the wyther of the varnish there is the phase of sanding ‘sand paper’ with a special machinery which sands the surfaces . Following each piece is checked by a machinery called sand-varnish-edges which sands and varnish each edge of each piece ( straight pieces ie. a kitchen door). After this phase all the materials is brushed with an authomatic machinery. The last phase, the cleaning and the shining of the surfaces, double checked by our quality control operator, then the packaging as per customer request and finally the delivery.

The just-in-time production

the just-in-time means to add more value to the customer service, reduction of the management costs, load and unload of the warehouse, total flexibility...

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foto della Sandre Maurizio s.r.l. azienda di verniciatura e laccatura

Sandre Verniciatura is a successful company in the procurement of the just in time for the lacquering of doors and panels addressed to the high level quality furniture, home furnishing and contract.

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