Edges polishing

bordiThe material already prepared and sanded is polished with a machine until any defect on the edges has taken off and the desired shine effect is obtained. If any defect remains on the surface it is removed manually.

Surfaces polishing

spazzolaturaThe material is worked on the large brush with abrasive cream in way to take off the lines of the sanding and any imperfection on the surface.

The just-in-time production

the just-in-time means to add more value to the customer service, reduction of the management costs, load and unload of the warehouse, total flexibility...

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foto della Sandre Maurizio s.r.l. azienda di verniciatura e laccatura

Sandre Verniciatura is a successful company in the procurement of the just in time for the lacquering of doors and panels addressed to the high level quality furniture, home furnishing and contract.

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